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  • Westerners Red Rock District Volunteer Work Day Janurary 12, 2019

    Postponed due to Government Shutdown

  • Hiking Related Medical Problems

    Hiking Related Medical Problems by Dr. Curt Kommer

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    From blisters to snake bites, learn how to be prepared to prevent and treat medical problems that can happen when you are hiking. The information shared by Dr. Curt Kommer can help you make quick decisions when faced with injuries of yourself, a fellow hiker, or someone you run into on the trails. Please read and download a copy to reference at the beginning of each Hiking Season.

  • Northern Arizona Forests Wildfires

    Wildfire Update — Please be aware of the updates for Kaibab National Forest Updates for Wildfires.

    Please Click the following to connect to Kaibab National Forest Website

    Coconino Forest Service

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    First came the Sinaguans.  Over a thousand years ago they were drawn to the perennial stream that cascaded down Soldiers Pass and the good hunting that the water attracted.  When the Sinaguans eventually moved on, it was the Navajo and then the Yavapai who hunted, farmed, and continued to explore the area until 1871, when General George Crook and the U.S. Cavalry came to Soldiers Pass for a different kind of hunt.  He established "Camp Garden" as his base of operations for "rounding up" the Yavapai, and from there he pursued them so relentlessly that two years later (1873) over 5,000 exhausted Yavapai reluctantly surrendered to him at Camp Verde.

    After that, the human history of Soldiers Pass calmed down a ...

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