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  • The Nominating Committee has presented their nominations for the slate of officers for the 2017/2018 hiking season

    At the April General Meeting on Thursday, April 6, 2017 these candidates as well as any nominations from the Floor will be presented for election. The elected Board of Directors will assume office on May 11th at the Spring Cookout.

    The following is the list of nominations as well as a short bio of each

    Trail Boss

    Barbara O’Connor joined the Club in 2008 and is our nomination for Trail Boss. She has held several positions within the club including Round Up Boss, Assistant Mustang Boss, Mustang Boss, Prospector, Assistant Cactus Dodger and Wagon Boss. She has led many hikes for all the groups each season she has been a member. This will be Barbara’s seventh leadership role in nine years which makes her eminently qualified to be Trail Boss

    Wagon Boss

    Tom Yager has been a Westerner for 3 years. Last season he was the Dogie Boss and is currently the Mustang Boss. He has led multiple hikes in those 3 years and is a regular hiker with many of the groups. The Westerners get credit for Tom and his wife Gretchen’s decision to move to Sedona - they showed up on a Saturday morning at Posse Grounds while on vacation and the rest is history. Tom is active in the community, especially with OLLI.


    Helen DuCharme joined the Westerners in 2006 and has been active in her service to the Club. She has held the positions of Round Up Boss, Assistant Tracker Boss and Tracker Boss. Helen brought new ideas to the Trackers with her quick intelligence and attention to detail. Her prior Board experience gives her a strong understanding of the workings of the organization.


    Gretchen Yager has been a Westerner for 3 years. This will be her second year as Foreman and she has led many hikes for many of the groups as well. Her experience with finance has been very evident this season with detailed budgets and budget projections, helping the Board gain clearer understanding of the Club’s finances.

    Top Hand #2 (former Trail Boss)

    Walter Krywucki joined the Sedona Westerners in 2004 and has held many positions including: Trail Boss, Wagon Boss, Foreman, Immediate Past Trail Boss and Cactus Dodger. Walter has been very involved with the organization for 13 years and brings a great deal of experience and wisdom along with the necessary many year perspective that is an asset to the Board of Directors.

    Top Hand #3 (Actively hiking member-at-large)

    Curt Kommer is the nomination for this position which has been held by Clint Gelotte for the past 2 seasons. (If Clint is elected to the position of Prospector he will be unable to complete his three year term as Top Hand as no individual can hold two positions on the Board of Directors in the same season.) The Committee nominates Curt to complete the final year of Clint’s term. An active hiker and hike leader, Curt has been with the club since 2008 and has held the following five positions: Assistant Cactus Dodger, Cactus Dodger, Wagon Boss, Trail Boss and Immediate Past Trail Boss. Curt has contributed greatly to the club in his seven years as a member - well beyond the listed offices he has held.

    Cactus Dodger

    Michael McCaffrey has been a Westerner since 2010 and is the Assistant Cactus Dodger this season. He also regularly leads hikes for each of the groups and is a regular Tailgating volunteer. Active in the community with a number of organizations, Michael brings a new approach to the Rough Rider Hike Boss position.

    Mustang Boss

    Jim Kemper has been a Westerner for 8 years and is currently the Assistant Mustang Boss. Last season he fulfilled the duties of Mustang Boss for the 2nd half of the season so is well qualified to jump back into the fray. He has served on committees to assist the Board of Directors with legal issues and is a welcome addition to the upcoming Board.

    Drover Boss

    Terri Petrescu has been a member of the Westerners for 5 years and has led many hikes for the various groups. This would be her first office - she and her husband are great travelers so often unavailable to be part of leadership but are committed to staying home for the season. We are fortunate that she is willing to lend her many skills to us.

    Dogie Boss

    Dave Vanderwater has been a Westerner for 4 years. This will be his second year as Dogie Boss. He has been an active volunteer while on the Board, giving of his time and talents very generously. Look for Dave to continue to take good care of the Dogies with interesting and enjoyable hikes.

    Rustler Boss

    Marj Haas joined the Westerners in 2013 and has been very active this season. She will bring enthusiasm and new ideas for hikes to the 3rd season of the Rustlers. Marj is a regular runner as well and you will often see her getting her miles in on Dry Creek Road.

    Ambler Boss

    Pat Capanna joined the Westerners in 2015 and has also been very involved this season, especially with the Amblers. Pat is enthusiastic and wise and will keep the Amblers challenged next season. The Board is always fortunate to have new members join the Board with fresh eyes.

    Tracker Boss

    Ernie Pratt has been a Westerner for 5 years and along with his wife Lynn, has contributed to the club with their hiking and leading abilities as well as their strong knowledge and skills in the areas of geology and archaeology. A natural teacher, Ernie is very well suited to this position and will bring interesting new adventures to the Trackers.


    Clint Gelotte has been a Westerner since 2000 and has has worn many hats within the organization, including Point Rider, Assistant Point Rider, Drover Boss and Top Hand. He has given thousands of hours to the organization over the past 17 years, including the development of the current website. He and his wife Louise are generous hike leaders with various groups. Clint’s experience as Assistant Point Rider and Point Rider would give him excellent perspective in the role of Prospector, a position that requires a great deal of time and energy.

    Chuckwagon Boss

    Joyce and Dave Minott are new to the Westerners this season and have enthusiastically become very active members, embracing the Sedona Westerner lifestyle. We appreciate all our newest members and the Minott’s would serve together as Chuckwagon Boss. Dave and Joyce would serve as team bosses in the position - they would both be actively involved and on the Board of Directors but will have just one vote. This challenging position requires strong organizational skills, patience and a large garage - Dave and Joyce have it all.

    Submitted by The Nominating Committee

    Mary McCaffrey, Immediate Past Trail Boss and Chair

    Scott McFeely

    Gus Rousonelos

    Dave Vanderwater

    Gretchen Yager

  • Coconino National Forest lists fee free days for 2017

    The Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest announces free days associated with many recreation sites and amenities for 2017.

    As part of this nationwide event, fees will be waived for all Red Rock Pass Fee Program sites including Palatki, Honanki, V Bar V heritage sites, and multiple trailheads.

    Areas not included in the fee waiver program are campgrounds and recreation sites managed under concession contract, including Grasshopper Point, Crescent Moon Ranch and West Fork (Call o’ the Canyon).

    In addition to the fee-free days recognized nationally, the district has incorporated additional days into their local fee waiver program for 2017, which include:

    • May 27-29: Memorial Day weekend — specific to Red Rock District only
    • June 10: National Get Outdoors Day — nationwide
    • July 4: Tuesday, Fourth of July day — specific to Red Rock District only
    • September 2-4: Labor Day weekend — specific to Red Rock District only
    • September 30: National Public Lands Day — nationwide
    • October 7-9: Columbus Day weekend — specific to Red Rock District only
    • November 11-12: Veteran’s Day — nationwide/but the weekend is specific to Red Rock District only
    • November 23: Thanksgiving Day — specific to Red Rock District only
    • December 25: Christmas Day — specific to Red Rock District only

    For more information about fee free days on the Red Rock District, contact the Red Rock Visitor Center at 928-203-2900


  • Trail Volunteer Days Announced

    The Forest Service has announced the schedule for volunteer work days through February 2017.

    • Saturday, April 1st(view flyer)
    • Saturday, April 8th
    • Thursday, April 20th
    • Saturday, April 29th
    • Saturday May 13th
    • Thursday, May 25th

    Projects will be determined as priorities dictate and announced when the flyer is sent out. Questions? Contact Bret Edstrom at the USFS: 928-203-7509


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    It was a clear sunny day, the first following 3 days of ...

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