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  • Annual Holiday Party

    Holiday Party is just around the corner. This year the theme will be a Luau so wear your favorite Island clothes. The Party will be held at the Oakcreek Country Club located in VOC - 690 Bell Rock Boulevard, Sedona. Cocktails and Social at 5:00 PM. (Cash Bar) Buffet will begin at 6:00 PM.

    Please arrive well before 6:00 to avoid having a significant backup in the queue as you sign in.

    Max capacity of 150 has been reached

  • Upcoming Red Rock Trail Work Days

    Volunteer trail work days are held in the morning, typically 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Details are announced as work day projects are scheduled. Bring sturdy, closed-toe shoes; long pants; work gloves; sunscreen; water; and snacks. Hard hats are provided, or bring your own bike helmet or hard hat. For calendar of events, click here.

  • What's in Your Day Pack By Charlie Schudson

    1. Heavy-duty, big garbage bags – they become your sleeping bags or, with a torn-open head hole, your rain gear.

    2. Wool hat and mini-gloves, even in “warm” weather – they help retain your body heat when, at dusk, temperatures fall (most hypothermic deaths occur not in freezing temperatures, but in the fifties).

    3. Waterproof matches.

    4. Duct tape (or “duck” tape, for the etymologically pure). What for? Everything, of course (like holding the old soles that just came off those old boots you should have replaced long ago).

    5. Cordage – at least one of those fashionably braided bracelets that unravel to become life-saving straps.

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  • Red Rock News - December 08, 2017Sounds on the Trail of the Anaconda-Snake-AZ Cypress Loop

    As I drove up the hill to Posse Grounds Park, I was greeted with a stunning view of Sedona’s classic red rock formations. Posse Grounds is a quintessential community center. An outside amphitheater is perched on a ridge overlooking the city’s beautiful southeast vista. As I entered the driveway to the parking lot, I saw a person sorting recyclables into large recycling bins. Adjacent to the parking lot was a deep green athletic field, set against a backdrop of Sedona red rock mountains. People were standing near the edge of the field watching their dogs energetically frolic on the well-groomed grass.  

    I parked my car, gathered my hiking gear, and approached the Sedona Westerners hiking club members who were congregating ...

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