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    Please read the Forest Service Closure Release for Flagstaff Closed Areas

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  • Record floodwaters damage recreation sites in Red Rock Country

    Many areas are closed due to public safety

    Large amounts of flood debris have forced the temporary closure of certain campgrounds and day-use areas of the Red Rock Ranger District within the Coconino National Forest.

    Widespread, steady rainfall on Thursday caused creeks throughout the district to swell in record amounts, causing the temporary closure of Chavez Group Camp Ground, the V Bar V Heritage Site, Westfork (Call of the Canyon), and the Beaver Creek and Bullpen day-use areas. Rapidly moving water throughout these creek side recreation areas spread debris throughout each site, knocking over grills and burying picnic tables. No injuries have been reported.

    These sites will remain closed for public safety as crews work to clear debris and repair the damage at each site. With significant precipitation expected into next week, it is unknown at this time when the affected sites will reopen. The Sedona Fire District reported that Oak Creek rose by over 12 feet late Thursday night, marking flood conditions not seen since 2004.

  • Hiking Related Medical Problems

    Hiking Related Medical Problems by Dr. Curt Kommer

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    From blisters to snake bites, learn how to be prepared to prevent and treat medical problems that can happen when you are hiking. The information shared by Dr. Curt Kommer can help you make quick decisions when faced with injuries of yourself, a fellow hiker, or someone you run into on the trails. Please read and download a copy to reference at the beginning of each Hiking Season.

  • Northern Arizona Forests Wildfires

    Wildfire Update — Please be aware of the updates for Kaibab National Forest Updates for Wildfires.

    Please Click the following to connect to Kaibab National Forest Website

    Coconino Forest Service

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  • Red Rock News - February 22, 2019Sedona Westerners Hike with Coffee, Tea, and Me

    Early on a bright, crisp winter morning, the Drovers hiking group of the Sedona Westerners set out to hike the trails of West Sedona.  After dividing all the hikers that day into two small groups, led by Charlie Schudson and Dave Minott, we first hiked via the Soldiers Pass Trail to the gaping sinkhole known as the Devil’s Kitchen.  There, co-leader Charlie Schudson pointed out “The Piano,” a mammoth rock that had broken off and tumbled into the sinkhole in 1989, in response to tremors from the devastating California earthquake of that year.  Perhaps some readers can recall the live World Series broadcast being dramatically interrupted by that earthquake.  

    We then found ourselves on the Teacup Trail, hiking through a lovely ...

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