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  • Pavement patching project to begin on popular Forest Service road FR 618

    SEDONA, Ariz., Jan. 31, 2018, For Immediate Release — Beginning next week, contractors will be repairing pot holes and cracks along 1.7 miles of Forest Road 618 between exit 298 off Interstate 17 to approximately Beaver Creek.

    FR 618 is heavily used since it is located at the Sedona exit off I-17 and the main forest road that leads to Bell Trailhead, Beaver Creek Picnic and Day Use Area, and V Bar V Heritage Site. Work is scheduled to begin Feb. 5 and is expected to take about a month to complete. People using the section of FR 618 immediately east of I-17 may experience up to 30 minutes of delay at times.

  • What's in Your Day Pack By Charlie Schudson

    1. Heavy-duty, big garbage bags – they become your sleeping bags or, with a torn-open head hole, your rain gear.

    2. Wool hat and mini-gloves, even in “warm” weather – they help retain your body heat when, at dusk, temperatures fall (most hypothermic deaths occur not in freezing temperatures, but in the fifties).

    3. Waterproof matches.

    4. Duct tape (or “duck” tape, for the etymologically pure). What for? Everything, of course (like holding the old soles that just came off those old boots you should have replaced long ago).

    5. Cordage – at least one of those fashionably braided bracelets that unravel to become life-saving straps.

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  • Red Rock News - February 16, 2018What Do We Walk On? Ask a Geologist!

    What's a guy to do when he finds himself in Sedona after a career in Ohio as a paleontologist and geologist, teaching and directing students in the fascinating natural history of Ohio's 350 million-year-old rocks?  For Dr. Ken Bork the answer was easy -- immerse himself in the paleontology and geology of our wonderful red rocks and spread the word to anyone who cares to listen.

    At a recent monthly meeting, the Sedona Westerners were entertained and enlightened by Dr. Bork in a lively talk and slide presentation entitled, "What the Westerners Walk On."  It turns out that the answers are both simple and complicated, and a lot depends on where a hiker is hiking. 

    At the top of Wilson Mountain, for ...

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