A Non-Profit Corporation



Pursuant to the provisions of the Non-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Arizona, the following Articles have been adopted.

Article I (Name)

The name of this organization shall be "SEDONA WESTERNERS, INC." The Sedona Westerners shall be a non-profit corporation, hereinafter referred to as 'the Club.' The Club's principal place of activity shall be Sedona, Arizona.

Article II (Statement of Purpose)

It is the purpose of the Club to encourage friendship among its members, specifically by sponsoring programs of hiking, social events, and monthly meetings.

The Club, intended exclusively to achieve the purpose described above, thereby qualifies as tax-exempt, as specified in Section 501 (c)(3)* of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article III (Duration)

The period of duration of this corporation is perpetual.

Article IV (Membership Provisions)

The Club shall have two classes of membership, General and Honorary.  Provisions for these membership types shall be defined in the Bylaws.

Article V (Amending the Constitution)

Any club officer or member may propose amendments to the Constitution.  Any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be made available in written form to each member present at a General Membership Meeting, and become effective upon approval by a majority vote of the members present at a following General Membership Meeting.