Ambler hikes are offered on Thursday and are designed to traverse 3-5 miles through the red rock terrain in and around the city of Sedona. The hikes generally last approximately 3-4 hours and are regarded as easy to moderate. They are led at a leisurely pace, adjusted to fit the group, with frequent pauses to identify iconic local landmarks and to note the history of the area. Hikes could include short ledges and the occasional need for hands. Hikes also include a snack and lunch break. New members often join this group to test their skills before trying more difficult hiking.


These hikes, every Saturday morning, are usually 4 - 6 miles long and are generally rated easy to moderate although could include steep climbs, rock scrambling and ledges. The goal of the Rustlers is to provide a half day experience and will include one break. Completion of a Rustler hike will generally be in the range of three to four hours.


These hikes, every Sunday, are usually 4-6 miles long. Generally, they are rated as moderate and often include steep climbs, rock scrambling, or ledges. They nearly always have as their objective either interesting viewpoints or natural features. The pace is adjusted to fit the group.


These hikes, on every Tuesday, last 5 or so hours. They are generally about 5-8 miles in distance; they usually are rated as moderate to difficult; they often require steep climbs and rock-scrambling, and occasionally follow exposed ledges. The pace is designed to be comfortable for reasonably-conditioned members, with periodic stops for rest and scenic viewing.


These hikes, also on every Thursday, offer more physically challenging hikes featuring great scenic beauty. Varying in their degree of difficulty, the majority of Mustang hikes will be in the 6-9 mile range and will often have an elevation change of 1000-2000 feet, sometimes more. Most hikes will move along at a moderate to slightly above moderate pace.

Rough Riders

These hikes, offered every Saturday, are challenging and designed for experienced & well-conditioned hikers. They are generally between 6-10 miles with 1000-2000+ feet of elevation gain. Rough Rider hikes often include ledges/edges with exposure, rock scrambling and rough terrain. Hikes incorporate one snack break & lunch, and are conducted at a pace generally faster than the other groups.


The Scouts, a group of approximately 24, hike together 2-3 times a week developing new hikes for our database and leading the Saturday Rough Rider hikes (the most challenging hikes). Each hiking season, the Scouts nominate their Hike Boss, the Cactus Dodger, who plans the year's hiking schedule, organizes Scout activities and participates in appointed and elected positions in the Club.


These are special interest hikes established in 2005. They are held on selective Wednesdays and include archeology, botany, ethnobotany, geology and photography. Some of the Tracker hikes can be described as field trips, while others will be hikes or rock scrambles.