Minutes of the Sedona Westerners' Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, May 2, 2014

Trailboss: Curtis Kommer
Wagonboss: Mary McCaffrey (ABSENT)
Immediate Past Trailboss: Marion Hadji-Agha
Foreman: Sue Taylor
Wrangler: Kevin O'Connor
Prospector: Barbara O'Connor
Chuckwagon Boss: Al Abbott
Roughrider Hike Boss: Cherie Ferguson (ABSENT)
Mustang Hike Boss: Bob Taylor
Dogie Hike Boss: Mark Ducharme
Drover Hike Boss: Cathy Lutz
Ambler Hike Boss: Chris Greene
Tracker Hike Boss: Liz Sweeney
Top Hands: Len Ostrom, Linda Archer, Al Van der Peut
Ranger: Paul Sullivan
Lookout: Charlie Schudson
Cliffwalker: Jerry Walters
Roundup Boss: Brad Bell
Point Rider: Jim O'Brien (ABSENT)
Sunbeam: Linda Scheurmer
OldTimer: Gini O'Brien (ABSENT)

1. Call to Order

2. Introduction of Club Officers

3. Important Dates for 2014-2015:

Start of Hiking Season: Sept. 2
September Meeting: Sept. 11
Fall Cook-Out: Oct. 9
November Meeting: Nov. 13
Holiday Party: Dec. 11
January Meeting: Jan. 8
February Meeting: Feb. 12
March Meeting: Mar. 12
April Meeting: Apr. 9
Spring Cook-out: May 14

4. Financial Report

- Membership fee to remain at $20

5. Officer items:

- Wrangler: Officers will furnish Wrangler with reports prior to Westerner meetings, furnishing only information about activity since prior meeting (do not include discussion of future plans/hikes in report)
- Prospector: Hike Bosses should collect and keep Hike Sign-In sheets. Provide Prospector with a monthly summary of activity to include: Group, Date of Hike, # of Hikers. Prospector will collect all individual Sign-up sheets at the end of the season.
- Roundup Boss: Newspaper articles next season will focus on Tracker Hikes, Speakers, Member Profiles, and hiking system trails.
- Cliffwalker: Hike Bosses should identify scheduled hikes that visit archaeological sites and forward these to Cliffwalker. He will then forward these to our Club members who are docents or site stewards to see if they can join these hikes to provide education and guidance.

6. Hike Bosses:

- Hikes on schedule should be consistent with the expectations and definition of the specific hiking group.
- New hikes must be approved by the TrailBoss, and must not be identified on the schedule as a NEW HIKE.
- Hike Bosses should contact last years Bosses to obtain a list of which members led which hikes, and full advantage should be taken to rely on these members, and other knowledgeable members, to help scout scheduled hikes.
- All hikes must be scouted prior to scheduled hike date, and hike stats (distance, elev) should be checked for accuracy.
- Hike Bosses will share proposed schedules with each other to avoid repetition or overlap of proposed hikes.

7. Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (brief presentation):

After discussion, it was decided that any discussion of the Red Rock Trail Fund to Westerner members shall be tabled.

9. Liability Form:

Is the Witness Signature necessary? TrailBoss will research this question and follow-up with Exec Cmte.

10. Next meeting:

A meeting of the Hike Bosses will be arranged prior to the start of the 2014-2015 Season.

11. Adjourn

Curtis Kommer, TrailBoss

May 2, 2014