Sedona Westerners in the Red Rock News

December 3, 2010

Drovers Conquer Devils Bridge Loop


by Perlina McCombs

Al Vander Peut and Bob Dannert confirming the Devils Bridge Loop. Photo by Perlina McCombs.

There are hike leaders and then there are hike leaders. Bob Dannert is one of the best. On November 14, 2010 Bob lead the Sunday Drovers on the Devil's Bridge Loop Hike with Al VanderPeut as co-leader with Doug Reinika and Sam Petrified as tailgaters. Bob Dannert has lived and hiked in Sedona for 14 years and is very concerned with the hikers safety and encourages everyone to use sticks while hiking. He gives classes in Hiking 101 to all hikers who are interested in learning good techniques in hiking.

The Drovers hiked 4 miles with 1000 CEG. Seeing the Devil's Bridge from under the bridge is just as amazing as walking on top of it. The weather was perfect.

Bob Dannert. Photo by Perlina McCombs.

We hiked with great care going down a hill and across the gully and up the other side. So glad a "few" ducks were in place to help guide the leaders. We could always see "where" we wanted to be across the way, however, the path was not always visible. Leave it to Dannert, he can always can find the way, of course, with the help of his most helpful co-leader, Al VanderPeut.

We stopped for a cookie break and most all needed to catch their breath. Dannert is noted for his cookies and many times has a bag of them for the group. Sugar is good for energy and we needed all the energy we could drum up as off we were to find the caves across the way. For the ones who had never been to the caves before, were in for a treat. We left our packs behind and hiked down between huge rocks and out the other side. Frank Will said he felt like a teenager hiking places he would not be allowed to as a kid.

On with our packs and down the trail to the "chute" which we all went down one at a time with help from from the leaders. Barbara Grille, a new hiker, said "my husband will never believe what I have done on this hike" she was overjoyed with the caves and this "chute". It was so fun to watch each one come down the chute and many took pictures.

Dannert lead us to the "helicopter pad" at least it looks like one. Hikes are always good to "imagine" our thoughts and say what we see. Laughter is always good medicine and we seem to find humor in most of what we do. So now if you can "imagine" how important it is to finally hike down to the "wash" and say "this is the way back to the cars”! We all arrived back to the cars in good shape with a good feeling of accomplishment as this was a challenging hike for some and some hikers said this is the best Sunday hike they have ever hiked.

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