Sedona Westerners in the Red Rock News

April 15, 2011

Standing on Snoopy’s Belly


by Perlina McCombs

Most of us remember Charles M. Schultz’s cartoon series “Peanuts” which debuted in 1950. Well Sedona has their own reminder of this wonderful cartoon series with Charlie Brown’s beloved dog Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house in the company of Woodstock, the cute little bird, perched upon his nose.

Snoopy — almost there! Photo by Perlina McCombs.

Snoopy Rock is one of the more distinguishable rock formations in the Sedona area. From Snoopy’s belly are sweeping views of Sedona and the surrounding geological formations.

March 13th was one of our warmest days here in Sedona as the Drovers hike up to Snoopy Sunday afternoon. Perlina McCombs and Gus Rousonelos were the hike leaders and I thank Hadji and Marion Hadji-Agha for tailgating.

The route to Snoopy is a bit rocky and steep at times. It was rated moderate with a 600 foot elevation gain including a brief rock scramble and an overall distance of about 3 miles. We did see some pretty little purple flowers along the way and we know if the sun keeps shining, there will be many more blooming flowers as spring is in the air.

Leaders & Tailgaters: Gus Rousonelos, Perlina McCombs, Hadji & Marion Hadji-Agha.

There were quite a few hikers who have never been up to Snoopy or climbed up on his belly. While hiking, the closer you get the more you can see the image of the Snoopy and beautiful red rock with whiter rock on Snoopy's nose. Now how did that one rock land right on top of his nose?

Upon reaching to the top, we could see uptown Sedona and many of the surrounding areas. So different than looking up at Snoopy from uptown driving in a car or sitting at a restaurant, wondering....can I hike up to Snoopy or is there even a trail that goes there?

After looking at the sites all around, many climbed on top of Snoopy's belly. Now that is a site to behold of Sedona. Isn't Snoopy much like we would all like to experience? Laying on our backs, relaxing, not a care in the world taking a well deserved nap! Being retired or striving to be retired soon thinking "Slowdona" is one of the best places to live.

After a good rest around Snoopy, we headed down the hill being careful insuring our sticks were extended to help with the descent. Hadji blew the whistle at one point to tell me that I was a good hike leader because I ended up with 20% more hikers than when I started.

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