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April 22, 2011

Marg's Draw


by Liz Gannon and Trevor Milford

It dawned a bright and sunny day with a promise of ideal hiking conditions.

It was a Dogie hike and we had arranged that we should meet at the Posse Ground where we received our briefing for the day's hike and arrangements were made for people to car pool to the Morgan Road trail head.

Our hike today was Marg's Draw and more. The trail was named after a mule who refused to work and wondered the trail. This area was used as a location for movies such as the 1950 film Broken Arrow starring James Stewart, Jeff Chandler Debra Paget.

Dogies' trek to the chalice for midmorning break. Photo by Alan Gore.

We split into two groups - John Avery leading one group and his wife Roberta Avery leading the other John's groups initially consisted of all men plus one woman who appeared slightly overwhelmed by the male dominated group and quickly opted to join Roberta's group, which was made up mainly of women and three men.

The first group set off with the second group following 10 minutes later. We followed the trail and quickly gained elevation through scrub lands watching carefully for the cactus, which seemed to be everywhere.

After about 30 minutes we reached Snoopy's feet and looked up the sheer red rock to the rock face that looks just like the famous cartoon character before heading off to the right. We crossed slick rock catching glimpses of dramatic rock formations including one often called the Chalice. We climbed up and down into washes where the trail was hard to follow, and then found well-defined paths through the junipers.

We climbed up the red rock trusting in our boots before we came to a level plateau where we decided to eat our snack lunch. The views were fabulous over towards Submarine Rock where we saw Pink Jeeps taking tourists for rides down the steep track. We descended into thickly wooded area which was much cooler. One of our members pointed out fresh tracks of what appeared to be mountain lion and deer

Looking up through the trees we saw three mule deer just before they ran off at the sound of our approach. We continued along the trail to a point which we could descend to the base of Submarine Rock on which we could see John's group, climbing to the saddle of Submarine Rock.

We met up with John's group and shared stories about our hike before rejoining our groups. John's group took the trail that wound above the jeep road, while Roberta's group headed down the jeep road and arrived back at the parking lot first.

We all agreed that it was a first-class hike and that it was easy to imagine why Marg, the mule, had opted to wonder the trail.

Liz Gannon and Trevor Milford live in Rustington on the south coast of England. Gannon has been a Westerner for three years.

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