Sedona Westerners in the Red Rock News

November 8, 2013

Lime Kiln Trail and Scheurman Tank


by Bill Birkland

The Sedona Westerners Dogies group enjoyed an almost perfect hike day on the Lime Kiln Trail with a side visit to the Scheurman Tank. The two hike groups were lead by Linda Schermer and Michael Dally. The hike started at the trail head which is located on the Lower Red Rock Loop Road across from the entrance to the Red Rock State Park. The trail head has a trail marker and a historical placard denoting the significant historical nature of the Lime Kiln Wagon Road.

Historical significance of the Lime Kiln Wagon Road trail is that it is a remnant of the fifteen mile long road that was constructed in the 1880’s to support the kiln in supplying bricks for the Willard and Strahan house construction site. The Lime Kiln road cut off became a major travel route for horse drawn wagon commerce between Jerome and Sedona, primarily for transport of local grown produce, wines and bricks.

The two hike groups started with a gradual assent from the trail head to cresting the hillside where the Lime Kiln and Scheurman trails meet. The hillsides where heavy covered with a blanket of fall flowers which were primary yellows of the Desert Marigold intermixed with reds of the Eatoni Penstemon and the burnished red/orange hues of the Ocotilla. The groups also enjoyed cross valley views of Cathedral Rock and the “Rabbit Ears” rock formations. The hike continued on the Scheurman trail to the tank. Due to the lateness of the season the tank was almost dry, yet there were numerous and varied tracks and hoof prints around the tank so it was evident that it is still a much visited watering hole for the local wildlife.

The groups then reversed course and started the return hike to the trail head, due to the amble nature of this hike the hikers were able to engage in light hearted banter during the duration of the outing. Other natural formations noted on the return hike were the huge Harvester Ant mounds located throughout the hillsides, some mounts were in excess of four feet across and heavy covered with very busy ants. Even with the easy nature of this hike there were still a fall by one of the hikers and a group aid effort to remove cactus thorns. As a reminder to all hikers, make sure to use the buddy system when hiking the local trails, as you never know when assistance will be required to complete a hike.

The Westerners always welcome new members, if you are interested in joining the club please log on to the website at You may also join by attending one of our monthly meetings: next meeting will be on Nov 14 at 7:00 pm at the Sedona Elks Club located at 110 Airport Rd. Sedona, AZ.