2020/2021 Hiking Season

  • PLEASE NOTE: All hikers must have signed the online waiver and paid prior to showing up for a hike.
  • All of our hikes begin either in the parking area at the Posse Ground in Sedona (indicated by a "PG" in the schedule) or in the rear parking lot of the outlet mall in the Village of Oak Creek (indicated by "VOC".) All hikers should be at the specified meeting place prior to the posted start time so we can leave for the trailhead as scheduled.
  • All hikes return in mid- or late afternoon.
  • All hike distances listed below represent approximate round-trip mileage and approximate cumulative elevation gain.
  • In keeping with the Letter Of Agreement between the Westerners and USFS, all hikes involving Wilderness (rated W12 below) strive to have at most 12 hikers in a group. If more hikers are at the meeting place they should split into groups, stagger the start times, and maintain separation throughout the hike. All groups hiking in other than Wilderness are limited in size to 25.
  • All hikers should be familiar with our hiking rules and hiking etiquette, including the USFS guidelines for archaeological sites.


Due to weather or other circumstances, Hike Bosses may cancel or change a scheduled hike without prior notice.

To see only the upcoming hikes for a particular group, select from this list:

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E = Easy
VOC = Meet in Village of Oak Creek (Outlet Mall rear parking lot)
Dual = Dual Hike Destinations
M = Medium
PG = Meet in Sedona (Posse Grounds parking lot)
KeyX = Key Exchange
D = Difficult
Dual Sign In = Meet up will occur at both PG and VOC at designated time
HC = High Clearance Vehicle Recommended
L = Ledges
CEG = Cumulative Elevation Gain (sum of uphill sections)
Shuttle = Car Shuttle
S = Steep
W12 = Wilderness (group size limited to 12)
TBA = To Be Announced
R = Rock Scramble
More Info = Click on "more info" to reveal additional comments
W = Water
Tue, Sep 88:00 AM @ PGDogiesKelly Canyon (off 89A)Oak Creek Canyon6.5 miles 750 feet M,
Thu, Sep 108:00 AM @ VOCMustangsCathedral Rock Circumnavigation via Napoleon's TombVillage of Oak Creek5.7 miles 1500 feet D, S, L, R
Thu, Sep 108:00 AM @ PGAmblersShultz Creek TrailFlagstaff4.5 miles 250 feet M,
Sat, Sep 128:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersBear Jaw / AbineauFlagstaff8.0 miles 2000 feet D, W12, S, HC,
Sun, Sep 138:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversJim Bryant TrailVillage of Oak Creek4.8 miles 600 feet M, W12
Tue, Sep 158:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesWoody Mountain/Gold DiggerFlagstaff6.9 miles 1640 feet M,
Thu, Sep 178:00 AM @ PGMustangsHarding Springs / Ritter ButteOak Creek Canyon6.0 miles 1700 feet D, S, R,
Thu, Sep 178:00 AM @ PGAmblersSandy's Canyon to CaveFlagstaff5.0 miles E,
Sat, Sep 198:00 AM @ PGRough RidersKendrick MountainFlagstaff9.0 miles 2460 feet D, W12,
Sun, Sep 208:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversCathedral on SundayVillage of Oak Creek4.0 miles 1100 feet D, S, L, R,
Tue, Sep 228:00 AM @ PGDogiesMormon MountainFlagstaff5.3 miles 1150 feet M
Thu, Sep 247:00 AM @ Dual Sign InMustangsWild Bill Hill (Volcanic Slot Canyon)/Lava River CaveFlagstaff7.1 miles 700 feet D, S, R,
Thu, Sep 248:00 AM @ PGAmblersKelly CanyonOak Creek Canyon4.5 miles 500 feet E,
Sat, Sep 268:00 AM @ PGRough RidersA B Young / Vultee Crash SiteOak Creek Canyon9.5 miles 3000 feet D, W12, S
Sun, Sep 278:00 AM @ PGDroversSoldier Pass / ArchesSedona4.0 miles 600 feet M, W12, S, L
Tue, Sep 298:00 AM @ OtherDogiesYeager Canyon (Mingus)Cottonwood6.5 miles 1500 feet M, S,
Thu, Oct 19:00 AM @ PGAmblersBrins MesaSedona4.2 miles 850 feet D, W12, S
Thu, Oct 19:00 AM @ VOCMustangsSeven Warriors LoopVillage of Oak Creek6.9 miles 1060 feet M, S, L, R
Sat, Oct 39:00 AM @ OtherRough Riders2 PassesSedona7.0 miles 1600 feet M, W12, HC,
Sun, Oct 49:00 AM @ PGDroversFay Canyon PlusSedona3.5 miles 400 feet M, W12, R,
Tue, Oct 69:00 AM @ VOCDogiesBell Trail / WeirVillage of Oak Creek7.5 miles 1400 feet M, W12
Sat, Oct 109:00 AM @ PGRough RidersWilson Mountain North & SouthSedona10.0 miles 2400 feet D, W12, S,
Sun, Oct 119:00 AM @ PGDroversHarding SpringsOak Creek Canyon5.0 miles 1200 feet M, S
Tue, Oct 139:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesTwin Buttes / Submarine RockSedona6.5 miles 900 feet M, S, R,
Thu, Oct 157:00 AM @ PGMustangsKachina to Brookbank THFlagstaff7.5 miles 930 feet M, W12, Dual, Shuttle,
Thu, Oct 159:00 AM @ PGAmblersOuter Limits/ Ledge N AirySedona5.0 miles 400 feet D
Sat, Oct 179:00 AM @ PGRough RidersPumphouse CanyonOak Creek Canyon5.0 miles D, S, HC, W, Shuttle,
Sun, Oct 189:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversBig Park OverlookVillage of Oak Creek4.0 miles 1000 feet D, S,
Tue, Oct 209:00 AM @ PGDogiesBoynton Canyon and MoreSedona7.5 miles 750 feet M, S, R,
Thu, Oct 229:00 AM @ PGMustangsMushroomSedona6.5 miles 1350 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Thu, Oct 229:00 AM @ PGAmblersWest ForkOak Creek Canyon5.0 miles 390 feet M, W12, W,
Sat, Oct 249:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersCookstove / Telephone with Grandma's CaveOak Creek Canyon7.0 miles 2100 feet D, S
Sun, Oct 259:00 AM @ VOCDroversWoods CanyonVillage of Oak Creek7.0 miles 600 feet M, W12,
Tue, Oct 279:00 AM @ PGDogiesBrins RidgeSedona4.5 miles 1100 feet D, W12, S, R
Thu, Oct 299:00 AM @ PGMustangsSycamore BluffsSedona6.0 miles 1000 feet D, W12, L, R, HC,
Thu, Oct 299:00 AM @ PGAmblersThunder Mt via Chimney RockSedona4.6 miles 400 feet M
Sat, Oct 319:00 AM @ PGRough RidersSphinx LinksSedona7.0 miles 2100 feet D, W12, S, L, R
Sun, Nov 19:00 AM @ PGDroversWest ForkOak Creek Canyon5.0 miles 390 feet M, W12, W,
Tue, Nov 39:00 AM @ PGDogiesLizard HeadSedona5.3 miles 1600 feet D, W12, S,
Thu, Nov 59:00 AM @ Dual Sign InAmblersEZBreezySedona5.0 miles 450 feet M
Sat, Nov 79:00 AM @ PGRough RidersMojave HeightsSedona7.5 miles 1500 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Sun, Nov 89:00 AM @ PGDroversNorth Wilson / First BenchOak Creek Canyon6.0 miles 1800 feet M, W12,
Tue, Nov 109:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesHuckaby WindowsSedona4.0 miles 1100 feet M, L, R,
Thu, Nov 129:00 AM @ PGAmblersBattlement Mesa CircumnavigationSedona4.0 miles 600 feet M, L
Sat, Nov 149:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersLee BryantVillage of Oak Creek8.0 miles 2500 feet D, W12, S, L, R, Dual, Shuttle,
Sun, Nov 159:00 AM @ VOCDroversTurkey Creek LoopVillage of Oak Creek4.0 miles 600 feet M, L,
Tue, Nov 179:00 AM @ PGDogiesDoe Mountain / CockscombSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet D, S, L, R,
Thu, Nov 19 AmblersTBA (To Be Announced)    
Sat, Nov 219:00 AM @ PGRough RidersBear Sign / Narrow Canyon LoopSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet M, W12, L, R, HC,
Sun, Nov 229:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversCity Hall Saddle LoopSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet D, S, L, R,
Tue, Nov 249:00 AM @ PGDogiesCibola MittenSedona7.0 miles M, W12, S
Sat, Nov 289:00 AM @ PGRough RidersLong CanyonSedona8.0 miles 1300 feet D, W12, S, R
Sun, Nov 299:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversHiline / Templeton LoopVillage of Oak Creek4.5 miles 600 feet M,
Tue, Dec 19:00 AM @ PGDogiesMushroom BaseSedona6.5 miles 1350 feet M
Thu, Dec 39:00 AM @ PGAmblersGirdner TrailSedona5.0 miles 500 feet M, Shuttle,
Sat, Dec 59:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersHuckaby HeightsSedona6.0 miles 1900 feet D, S, L
Sun, Dec 69:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversTwin Buttes SaddleSedona5.0 miles 1000 feet M, S,
Tue, Dec 89:00 AM @ VOCDogiesMayan Man and MoreVillage of Oak Creek5.6 miles 1100 feet M, S, L, HC
Thu, Dec 109:00 AM @ VOCAmblersCourthouse Butte LoopVillage of Oak Creek4.5 miles 500 feet E, W12
Sat, Dec 129:00 AM @ PGRough RidersHonanki OverlookSedona6.0 miles 1500 feet D, W12, S, L, R, HC
Sun, Dec 139:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversHuckaby WindowsSedona4.6 miles 1200 feet M, L, R,
Tue, Dec 159:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesUp PeriscopeSedona5.0 miles 1300 feet D, W12, L, R,
Thu, Dec 179:00 AM @ PGMustangsLost Frontier to Ledge-n-Aerie LoopSedona7.7 miles 1000 feet M, L,
Thu, Dec 179:00 AM @ PGAmblersAdobe Jack North/Grand Central/Ant Hill LoopSedona3.0 miles E,
Sat, Dec 199:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersAngel's FinSedona7.0 miles 1800 feet D, W12, S, L, R
Sun, Dec 209:00 AM @ PGDroversNorms NotchSedona4.5 miles 900 feet M, W12, R,
Tue, Dec 229:00 AM @ PGDogiesLedge 'n AirySedona6.0 miles 700 feet M,
Thu, Dec 249:00 AM @ PGAmblersAnaconda / Snake / AZ Cypress LoopSedona3.5 miles 300 feet M,
Sat, Dec 269:00 AM @ OtherRough RidersKodak MomentSedona8.8 miles 1700 feet M, W12, L, R,
Sun, Dec 279:00 AM @ PGDroversLizard HeadSedona2.0 miles 875 feet D, W12, S,
Tue, Dec 299:00 AM @ VOCDogiesTransept TrailVillage of Oak Creek7.0 miles 1000 feet M
Sat, Jan 29:00 AM @ VOCRough RidersWise CracksVillage of Oak Creek6.5 miles 2000 feet D, S, R,
Sun, Jan 39:00 AM @ PGDroversMescal MountainSedona3.5 miles 850 feet M, L, R,
Tue, Jan 59:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesCathedral HeightsSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet D, S, L, R
Sat, Jan 99:00 AM @ VOCRough RidersWet Beaver / Bell / Weir Trail LoopVillage of Oak Creek10.0 miles 2000 feet D, W12, S, R,
Sun, Jan 109:00 AM @ PGDroversTeacup HeightsSedona4.3 miles 750 feet M, L, R,
Tue, Jan 129:00 AM @ PGDogiesLong CanyonSedona6.0 miles 1000 feet M, W12, S, L,
Sat, Jan 169:00 AM @ PGRough RidersBalanced Rock and BeyondSedona5.5 miles 1500 feet D, W12, S, L, R, HC,
Sun, Jan 179:00 AM @ PGDroversBear / Pac Man RockSedona4.5 miles 1200 feet M, W12, S,
Tue, Jan 199:00 AM @ PGDogiesFin Loop and SaddleSedona4.0 miles 870 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Sat, Jan 239:00 AM @ PGRough RidersBear LeftSedona7.5 miles 1600 feet D, W12, L, R
Sun, Jan 249:00 AM @ VOCDroversNapoleons Tomb Baldwin LoopSedona3.0 miles 470 feet M, S, L, R,
Tue, Jan 269:00 AM @ PGDogiesMescal and BeyondSedona6.0 miles 600 feet D, R,
Sat, Jan 309:00 AM @ OtherRough RidersBear Mountain / Fay Canyon Overlook V2Sedona7.0 miles 2600 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Sun, Jan 319:00 AM @ PGDroversCockscombSedona3.5 miles 565 feet M, S, L
Tue, Feb 29:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesCity Hall Saddle LoopVillage of Oak Creek5.1 miles 900 feet M, S, L, R,
Sat, Feb 69:00 AM @ VOCRough RidersWalker BasinVillage of Oak Creek7.0 miles 1330 feet D, S, R, HC,
Sun, Feb 79:00 AM @ PGDroversLong CanyonSedona5.0 miles 480 feet M, W12, R,
Tue, Feb 99:00 AM @ PGDogiesMarg's Draw / DamfinoSedona6.0 miles 1525 feet D, W12, S, R
Sat, Feb 13 Rough RidersTBA (To Be Announced)    
Sun, Feb 149:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversSnoopy LollipopSedona3.0 miles 700 feet D, S, L, R,
Tue, Feb 169:00 AM @ PGDogiesBear / Pac Man RockSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet M, W12, S
Sat, Feb 209:00 AM @ PGRough RidersHart Well LeftSedona6.5 miles 1600 feet M, W12, S, R
Sun, Feb 219:00 AM @ VOCDroversCourthouse and MoreVillage of Oak Creek5.0 miles 900 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Tue, Feb 239:00 AM @ PGDogiesIce Cream ConeSedona6.0 miles 1000 feet M, W12, S, R,
Sat, Feb 279:00 AM @ VOCRough RidersEars and TiersVillage of Oak Creek7.5 miles 1650 feet M, S, L,
Sun, Feb 289:00 AM @ VOCDroversQuarter Twisted Sister ConnectionVillage of Oak Creek4.8 miles 800 feet M, L
Tue, Mar 29:00 AM @ VOCDogiesRabbit EarsVillage of Oak Creek6.4 miles 900 feet M, W12, S, R,
Sat, Mar 69:00 AM @ PGRough RidersHS / Secret Canyon LoopSedona7.5 miles 1400 feet D, W12, S, L, R, HC,
Sun, Mar 79:00 AM @ PGDroversHangoverSedona6.3 miles 1400 feet D, S, L, W
Tue, Mar 99:00 AM @ PGDogiesSteamboat / Wilson CanyonSedona6.3 miles 1100 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Sat, Mar 139:00 AM @ Dual Sign InRough RidersBridges and RidgesSedona8.0 miles 2500 feet M, W12, L, HC
Sun, Mar 149:00 AM @ OtherDroversPyramids and PolygonsSedona4.5 miles 580 feet M, R,
Tue, Mar 169:00 AM @ PGDogiesHart Well CanyonSedona5.0 miles 1275 feet M, W12, R, HC
Sat, Mar 209:00 AM @ PGRough RidersBig BowlSedona6.0 miles 1350 feet D, W12, S, R
Sun, Mar 219:00 AM @ VOCDroversRabbit EarsVillage of Oak Creek6.0 miles 1000 feet M
Tue, Mar 239:00 AM @ VOCDogiesWest Clear CreekOther6.0 miles 200 feet M, W12, HC, W,
Sat, Mar 279:00 AM @ PGRough RidersBlack CanyonCottonwood8.0 miles 2650 feet D, S, R, W
Sun, Mar 289:00 AM @ PGDroversIce Cream ConeSedona4.8 miles 900 feet M, W12, S, R
Tue, Mar 309:00 AM @ VOCDogiesWoods CanyonVillage of Oak Creek7.5 miles 1000 feet M, W12, S, R
Sat, Apr 38:00 AM @ PGRough RidersSecret CanyonSedona11.0 miles 1600 feet M, W12, R, HC
Sun, Apr 48:00 AM @ PGDroversFay Canyon HeightsSedona4.0 miles 900 feet M, W12, S, L, R,
Tue, Apr 68:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesHangoverSedona7.0 miles 1100 feet D, S, L,
Sat, Apr 108:00 AM @ VOCRough RidersCathedral and Then SomeVillage of Oak Creek6.5 miles 1700 feet D, S, L, R
Sun, Apr 118:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversFin and LessSedona4.0 miles 800 feet D, W12, S, L, R,
Tue, Apr 138:00 AM @ PGDogiesPyramids and PolygonsSedona6.0 miles 1000 feet D, S, L, R
Sat, Apr 178:00 AM @ PGRough RidersVultee GulchSedona6.0 miles 1200 feet D, W12, S, L, R, W
Sun, Apr 188:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversBrins RidgeSedona4.5 miles 1150 feet D, W12, S, L
Tue, Apr 208:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDogiesSlim Shady and MoreSedona6.5 miles 1000 feet M
Sat, Apr 24 Rough RidersTBA (To Be Announced)    
Sun, Apr 258:00 AM @ PGDroversSterling PassOak Creek Canyon4.0 miles 1000 feet D, W12, S
Tue, Apr 278:00 AM @ PGDogiesDry Creek / Earls Cabin LoopSedona7.1 miles 900 feet M, W12, L,
Sat, May 1 Rough RidersTBA (To Be Announced)    
Sun, May 28:00 AM @ Dual Sign InDroversDamfino CanyonSedona3.5 miles 800 feet D, W12, S, R,
Tue, May 48:00 AM @ OtherDogiesWoodchuteCottonwood7.8 miles 700 feet D, S,
Sat, May 88:00 AM @ PGRough RidersMunds Notch & Overlook V1Sedona9.5 miles 2200 feet D, W12, S, R
Sun, May 98:00 AM @ PGDroversCibola MittenSedona3.0 miles 700 feet M, W12
Tue, May 118:00 AM @ PGDogiesSugarloaf / Cultural ParkSedona7.0 miles 1700 feet D, S, R